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frequently asked questions

How do i order cookies?
Great question! You can use the Customs button at the top of my website to submit a Custom Cookie Inquiry Form to tell me all about the cookies you'd like to order. Please submit your inquiry a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event, and please allow 72 hours for me to respond to your inquiry. Please keep in mind, last minute orders (within 1-2 weeks of an event) will only be taken on as my schedule allows, and will incur a 20% rush fee. You will receive an email from me to confirm your order details and provide you with a quote (if I am able to take on your order)--once you have received that quote, you must accept it to receive a payable invoice which you have 48 hours to pay in full to reserve your spot---otherwise the spot on my calendar will be released to the next in line for that date.

Your cookies will be available for pick-up in RSM, CA. I cannot ship cookies due to California Cottage Food Laws.
How much do custom cookies cost?
For more information on why custom cookies cost what they cost, check out the Pricing page here on my website. The Pricing page also provides a few different tiers of pricing with some photo examples to give you a better idea of where your cookie-vision might land. Cookie pricing can be more fluid than set "tier 1, tier 2, tier 3"--your project might fall somewhere in between tiers. Filling out the Custom Cookie Inquiry Form is the best way to get the most accurate quote for the cookie order you have in mind.
What does "creative freedom" mean?
This is an excellent question! If you've ever filled out a Custom Cookie Inquiry Form, you may have noticed you are required to check a box that says you give me creative freedom to bring your vision to life. Creative Freedom does not mean you don't get a say in what your cookies will look like, it just means that you will provide me with all the important details about your cookies/the event they are for, and I have the freedom to interpret that information and create one-of-a-kind cookie masterpieces for you! When you seek out an artist or artisan of any kind, odds are, you really like their style! Limiting that style with extremely specific requests (like "a rectangle shaped cookie with pink icing that says happy birthday in the top left and has a teddy bear in the bottom right holding purple and gold balloons"), really limits my joy in creating your cookies, and means you will get an OK product....and I am NOT ok with just OK.
Below are some examples of cookies I've created when given complete Creative Freedom:
how do i try your cookies? / what if i don't need something custom?
Holiday Presales are where it's at! For most major holidays (and sometimes just because!), I will post a sale with a handful of pre-set designs in various sizes and quantities along one theme (Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, etc). If you've ever just wanted to try my cookies, this is a GREAT time as there are no order minimums, and typically there are price points starting under $10. These are also great opportunities to "just get cookies" if you don't actually need anything custom. There are always great gifting options available--even if it's a gift to yourself #treatyoself!
Do your cookies contain any major allergens?
Yes, my cookies contain gluten, dairy, and eggs. Here is the complete ingredient list for my Signature Vanilla Sugar Cookies:
Powdered Sugar, Flour, Sugar, Unsalted Butter, Water, Egg Yolks, Sour Cream, Meringue Powder, Corn Syrup, Vanilla, Salt, Baking Powder, Lemon Zest, Assorted Food Coloring, and occasionally Sprinkles.
*At this time, I am unable to make accommodations for allergies to any of the above ingredients. 
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