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Hi, I'm mel! Nice to meet you!

cookie artist

Hi there! I'm Mel, and I'm the one-woman-show running Sorry Mom Bakery. I have always loved bringing people joy in the form of delicious baked goods, and in the Spring of 2020 (amidst a global pandemic) I thought, "I should start a cookie business!" I have a background in art and photography, and like any good "failed artist" I've redirected all of my creative energy into a side-hustle/passion project that any self respecting ~artist~ would probably give me side-eye for calling art...*insert shrug emoji here.*

I work a full time job during the day Monday-Friday, and create delicious, one-of-a-kind, custom treats in my spare time. Due to my limited cookie-creating time, I can only take on a limited number of orders per month, and like to focus on projects that will bring me joy and best align with my personal style.

Want to know more about how Sorry Mom Bakery got started?

Check out my interview with VoyageLA here

mission statement

Sorry Mom Bakery is committed to delivering delicious, quality creations to make your event spectacular, and most importantly, spread JOY. This business believes in being actively anti-racist, inclusive, feminist, pro LGBTQIA+, and pro human rights.

If that's not your jam, then we might not be a great fit.

 Ignorance and hate make for bitter cookies.

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