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Custom cookies are a labor of love. Once your custom order is submitted, I get to drawing and planning one-of-a-kind designs, mixing/rolling out/cutting/baking cookie dough, making and coloring icing in multiple consistencies, then decorating in multiple steps which generally takes several hours in total, spread across several days, and lastly heat-sealing your individual cookies and packaging them for you. Custom cookies are absolutely a luxury, and I understand they aren't in the budget for everyone! If you have a specific budget you need to stick to, feel free to mention in the description of your event on the custom cookie inquiry form what that budget is (keeping in mind my minimum cost per dozen), and I am happy to try to create designs that can fit your needs.

Basic Cookies starting at $6/ea (minimum 12)

limited color-palette and simple designs

Detailed Cookies
starting at $7/ea (minimum 12)

can include: more expanded color-palette, more detailed designs, more designs overall

highly detailed Cookies
starting at $9/ea (minimum 12)

variety of detailed designs. these cookies start at $9/ea and go up depending on difficulty and number of designs
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